Doggy Notes

This page is for the attention of our doggy visitor owners -

Your dogs are of course still very welcome, but please be considerate and pick up after your dog. They must be supervised at all times - even though there is a small back yard for each Chalet, dogs are not to be left unattended anywhere on our property.They always fret in a strange place and upset themselves, us and others. There are a few places in and around Dwellingup where you can take your dog with you.

Dogs are allowed inside, but please bring their familiar bedding, as obviously they are definitely not allowed in the bedrooms or on the humans' beds or furniture. If your dog has been inside, there is a vacuum cleaner provided in every Chalet which must be used prior to your departure. As not all of our guests have dogs, we always make extra efforts to present each Chalet in a first class pristine condition. Due to some unfortunate instances in the past, we will have to charge for extra cleaning in the future if it is required. We do not charge extra for up to two dogs and therefore do not wish to incur any extra cleaning costs due to your dog coming along to enjoy his/her break with you.

If your dog has been for a swim, there is a tap outside each Chalet for hosing down mud or sand. Please ensure your dog is dry before going inside.

Even though they do not have to be on a lead on our grounds, it is imperative that if you visit anywhere else outside our property that they are on a lead and under your control due to fox baiting carried out in the forest by Department of Environment and Conservation.

Please remember that it is a privilege to bring your dog on holiday with you – they absolutely love running on our new lawn and swimming in the lake, and we love having them here. We appreciate your consideration of the above.

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